Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Senior Thesis Extravaganza!

Start Blogging on your Senior Thesis Novel!

Get started blogging on your Senior Thesis Novel by FIRST reading the directions below, THEN clicking on the cover of your novel to the right. Happy writing!

In case you forgot.... What is Senior Thesis and why do we do it?

The Senior Thesis is an opportunity for students to become experts on acclaimed novels, selecting one novel from a large selection to read, enjoy, discuss with other readers, analyze in an original and sophisticated way, and research in terms of relevant historical and biographical information as well as literary criticism. A strong passing grade on the Senior Thesis is a graduation requirement for Prospect Hill Academy. More information on the Senior Thesis project and the steps involved in completing it are provided here. Due dates for Senior Thesis Steps are indicated on Weekly Assignment Sheets, which can be accessed here.

What is this Blog for?

This blog is a place for PHA Seniors to exchange and develop rich ideas, deep questions, informed opinions, complex analysis, draft thesis and claims, and updates on their research and writing process. Students will be asked to blog regularly, sometimes with an open topic and sometimes with a specifc, directed topic about the novel or writing process. Posts about the novel itself must be evidence-based, including rich quotations from the novel and analyzing them to reveal underlying complexities in the author's style and message.

Will it be graded?

Yes, all posts on this blog will be graded as English Homework/Classwork grades. Grades will be given for groups of posts, not for every individual post. Grading criteria include 1) depth/complexity/originality of thinking demonstrated; 2) development/explaination of ideas with detailed and specific (mostly textual) evidence; 3) respectful and helpful contribution to the learning community; 4) professionalism of voice and style of academic writing; 5) punctuality (posts are on time)!

Safety First!

Since this is a public blog, it is imperative that you protect your own safety. Do not give personal information on this blog that would make you identifyable to a stranger. Do not use your full name, or providen any other specifics about yourself or your contact information.

The Catcher in the Rye

Beloved by Toni Morrison

Imagining Argentina

The Color Purple by Alice Walker

The Road by Cormac McCarthy

1984 by George Orwell